Croatian Summer on Korcula

Written on Thursday, January 2, 2020 by Summer on Korcula

We chose the island of Korcula for its location on the idyllic Dalmatian coast, the perfect place to day trip around the surrounding islands. My friend’s family came from the small town of Racisce so we decided that even though it was small it would be lovely to come back to after days of exploring, and we were right. This town became my favourite of everywhere we visited.

Racisce has 1 small road along the beach, 3 restaurants, a milk bar, church and cemetery. The calm bay was dotted with tiny fishing boats and we spent sunny days swimming off the pier and drying in the sun. We ate delicious squid ink pasta, drank wines made on the island, and walked to nearby beaches around the coastline. We found the town cemetery hidden up the hill and located the graves of my friends’ relatives from a few generations ago, and met some of the friendly towns people who remembered the family, and directed us to the only relative still living in the town. We were quickly invited for lunch the following day and ate the most incredible 5 course meal of local delicacies as we shared stories of our home countries. Being the only tourists in town the locals had quickly spotted us wandering about and warmly welcomed us.

We enjoyed day trips by ferry to Hvar and Palmižana and explored Korcula Old Town, but returning to our little village each night and watching the sunsets over the bay was just breathtaking.

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