Big Yellow Suitcase

Written on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 by

I have had the privilege of working in the travel industry for many years and so it is literally my business, to create a portfolio of fantastic providers for the team here at EWT with which to work.  When I read through a company’s itineraries and still get really excited, I know that we have come across something truly special.

Intimate, unforgettable and innately immersive, are not always qualities you would associate with small group tours. We at Emma Whiting Travel, have sourced an outfit that offers the experiential group traveller a chance to get lost in some of the world’s most diverse and enticing destinations.

Stretching far beyond the realms of the comparative norms of small group travel, the tired old ways in which groups experience a destination have been re-vamped, re-invented and re-done. With a strong focus on the depth of the experience itself, you are able to see infinitely more, rather than packing as much as you can into an allocated timeframe. The founder has drawn on their extensive experience and local know-how to ensure that you leave with a greater and deeper appreciation and understanding of your destination. Art, culture, food, festivals, wine and nature, take them in at your own pace and allow yourself to appreciate the rhythm, smells and nuances of your surroundings.


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