Behold the Philippines; Beautiful Bohol and Alluring Alona Beach

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Only an hour and 20 minutes after leaving busy Manila behind, our plane was landing in the remote and tiny airport of Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol.  Our destination was on an even smaller island attached by bridge called Panglao Island, Alona Beach.


With Australia endowed with such a beautiful coastline, it could be forgiven that our standards for that perfect patch of sand and water are extremely high. After this visit to the Philippines I am delighted to easily add Alona Beach to a growing list of favorite beaches. Whilst some island paradises may wow you with rock formations or beach bar scene, Alona was quite simply as postcard perfect as you could get. No frills, no gimmicks, just a little slice of South East Asian Paradise.


Powder white sand lapped by crystal clear waters giving way to the deep azure of the Bohol Sea. Palm fringed shorelines swayed in the afternoon breeze and local restaurants offered sun soaked beach goers seafood and cocktails. For the adventurous; Panglao Reef Flat and beyond offers world class diving opportunities, while Alona beach has the viability and abundance of marine life to keep snorkelers curious for hours.


We were lucky enough to spend 4 nights wandering up and down the beach and between each of the two amazing pools, but only on a single occasion did we feel the need to venture any further.  The Chocolate Hills are around an hour and a half drive through the wild and luscious greenery of this tropical island so we headed there by bike one afternoon.  Through small local villages we were met with waves and smiles of kids along the way.  The Chocolate Hills were an amazing anomaly of landscape and the journey itself made it well worth the afternoon trip!  For us, Amorita Resort was the ideal base for our beach break and the resort’s infinity pool offered the perfect vantage point for the dying sun to showcase Alona in all its beauty.   Four gorgeous nights were the perfect downtime to end a great few weeks away and an easy connection through Manila to get home makes it a highly recommended add on to any trip in the region.


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