Australian Air Safaris – Soaring Over Stunning Views

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Private Air Tours are becoming a sought-after experience as our clients look for more unique ways to explore the globe.

We are receiving a growing number of requests for information on this style of travel.

Click on the video below for a visual snapshot of a journey through the outback.

An Australian Sensory Experience Like No Other


Australian Air Safaris – in association with Kirkhope Aviation Outback Air Tours – have been taking people to the outback for more than 40 years. They have a long history as one of Australia’s most professional tour operators taking small groups of adventurers on some of the most astonishing Australian expeditions.

Their modern fleet of twin-engine aircraft is designed to fly people in comfort to remote destinations, and their seasoned pilots are also skilled guides who act as your hosts for the duration of your tour. All aircraft have large windows, and everyone gets a window seat so that the experience can be enjoyed both in the air and on the ground.

‘We’re very excited to be working with Australian Air Safaris. They offer incredible experiences in some of Australia’s most unique destinations which we can’t wait to share with you.’ – Emma




Cape York, Northern Territory and The Gulf

At 13 days duration, this is their second longest tour and takes in some of the most remote and luxurious destinations on offer in Northern Australia.

The thought of visiting the ‘Tip of Australia’ appeals to a lot of people, but the logistics of getting there has always proven to be a barrier. Australian Air Safaris solve the problem with a stunning 13-day Cape York safari that includes outback Queensland, the Gulf of Carpentaria, Torres Strait islands and The Great Barrier Reef.

Your journey begins from Melbourne. Destinations include Birdsville, Lawn Hill, Karumba, Thursday Island, Tip of Australia, Lizard Island, Cooktown, Longreach, Carnarvon Gorge, before heading back home. It’s an incredible way to see so many iconic locations: exotic scenery, interesting characters, and unique birds and wildlife while making your way to the Tip of Australia and back.

Tour Highlights

  • Outback Dig Tree and Birdsville
  • Picturesque Adels Grove
  • Spectacular flightseeing over outback and reef
  • Bucket list Tip of Australia
  • Luxurious Lizard Island
  • Photogenic Carnarvon Gorge


In Our Own Words


“There was great anticipation on take-off and then the excitement started to build as we approached Victoria Falls. You can only truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of the falls from the air. The view of the Zambezi River, Batoka Gorge and Zambia combined with seeing the falls from such a different perspective was breathtaking. These make for my most memorable travel experiences; you feel like you are on top of the world” – Emma



Does being cooked for by legendary chefs, trekking in search of mountain gorillas, or dining in the crowning place of kings and queens spark your interest? From small aircraft sightseeing tours, to curated journeys in customised passenger jets there is an option for every traveler. These journeys present a collection of astonishing experiences that others only dream of.


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