At Home In Tuscany

Written on Monday, June 24, 2019 by At Home In Tuscany

We arrived at our little Tuscan retreat and immediately felt welcomed by our hosts, Paolo and Peter and the lovely staff.  Our home for the next few days is Villa Fontelunga, a beautifully restored home with sweeping views across the Tuscan countryside. We sat and enjoyed a local Prosecco by the pool and watched the sunset.  The highlight of our stay was the dinner party for all guests and a few neighbours.  The night was cool, so there was a cosy outdoor area complete with a fire for everyone to gather and enjoy the delicious aperitifs handmade at the villa.  Mingling with the neighbours was a great way to learn about the lifestyle and their stories were filled with fun and passion so typically Italian.  The guests were from all around the globe, the food was all local and superbly prepared in house and the local wines were free flowing.  This night is such as great memory and epitomises true Italian hospitality which is exactly why we love Italy.

Villa Fontelunga is a 9 room boutique hotel set on an estate surrounded by the glorious Tuscan countryside.  The rooms are traditional style with gorgeous windows opening onto views of the olive groves.  The shared lounge and kitchen area is the perfect spot to sit and read or enjoy a coffee. However it can be hard to leave the tranquil pool area where hours float by with a good book.  There’s a fabulous range of beverages on offer, run on an honesty system, and always someone to enjoy a drink with. It really feels like home away from home.

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