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The team at Emma Whiting Travel welcomes you to a breathtaking and life changing cruise to Antarctica.

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you on this exciting journey hosted by our very own cruise expert, Santo Montalto.

A few words from our host Santo:

I am very excited to be part of this amazing and life-changing journey with you all. My long-time wish for a polar experience is about to come true and I look forward to exploring Antarctica together and creating life-long memories.

When will you be able to chat to Santo before leaving Australia?

Emma Whiting Travel are hosting a pre-departure meet-and-greet in the evening of January 31st for all passengers, so mark your calendars. Venue and start time for this event will be emailed to all passengers shortly.

At the event we will provide a sign-up sheet for a WhatsApp group. This WhatsApp group will allow Santo to share important itinerary information and may be useful for sharing group photos.

If there is one place on the globe that fires the imagination of travellers and arouses in them an instant thirst for adventure, it is the immaculate and faraway lands of the White Continent. Inhabited by a surprising endemic fauna, the Antarctic will welcome you during an 11-day expedition cruise.

At the border between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, you will enter Drake Passage. At the roaring fifties and the screaming sixties, the wind blows and the waves beat against the stern of the ship. In the sky cape petrels lead you toward their realm until you reach the first of the continent’s lands.

Ice is there in all its forms. The mountainous landscapes open up to give way to huge calving glaciers, tabular icebergs drift in the middle of the Southern Ocean, and the sea ice shimmers in the distance. On board, the naturalists share with you the secrets of this unique ecosystem.
As you near the shores, the first penguins appear. Gentoo, Adélie, Chinstrap: these surprising birds, emblematic of the Antarctic, share their beaches with leopard, crabeater and Weddell seals. During an outing on land or at sea, in a zodiac dinghy or a kayak, you will move through a stunning scenery bathed in polar light.

Ponant will go above and beyond to ensure your Antarctic trip is one to remember forever by offering the following experiences:

  • Your expedition cruise to discover the stunning natural scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula, learn its beautiful secrets and meet the inhabitants. 
  • A variety of outings and shore visits in zodiac inflatables with a team of experienced naturalist guides. 
  • Skim the water’s surface with an optional sea kayak adventure lead by experienced, State-Certified guides. 
  • Visit research stations and former whaling stations if conditions permit.
  • Lectures and information sessions hosted by our naturalist guides, covering wildlife, history, geopolitics, the great explorers, climate and environmental protection. 
  • Stunning landscapes: a multitude of drifting icebergs, ice floes, imposing glaciers and tall, snow-covered mountains. 
  • Wildlife sightings aplenty: we will be on the lookout for humpback whales; Gentoo, Adélie and chinstrap penguins; leopard, crabeater and Weddell seals; and numerous seabirds. 

What might a day onboard Le Lyrial look like? Below is an example of a day in the life.


During a hearty breakfast you could be lucky enough to spot some Adélie penguins from your table.

Your Captain or Expedition Leader will announce the day’s zodiac outings and landings. Your morning zodiac trip could follow a pod of minke whales. As you’re zipping between icebergs you cruise alongside some penguins.

You head back to the ship for lunch and a dip in the pool.


Head to the mud room and don your jacket and boots before taking a zodiac to the mainland. On the way you spot a lounging leopard seal and once on shore you get a closer look at a colony of chinstrap penguins.

If you’ve chosen to sea kayak you could be paddling past fjords under the watchful eye of an Antarctic snow petrel.


Reminiscing on the day’s events and sightings, after dinner you may choose to indulge in a few cocktails and take in an information session about the history of the current area.

Late-night stargazing can be a breathtaking experience given Antarctica’s remote location and clear skies.

With all of the excitement and anticipation surrounding your trip there are probably a few questions that have arisen. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help guide your pre trip preparations below.

What happens before we embark?

What can we expect each day?

What do I need to know about currency and onboard credit?

What medical facilities are available onboard?

What should I take into consideration regarding travel insurance?

What region are the onboard power sockets?

Is internet access available on board?

Is smoking allowed onboard?

Is there a laundry service on the ship?

How do we get our jacket and boots?

How will we receive our photo packs?

Do I need walking poles for the hikes?

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We are so excited for you to be going on this magnificent journey that is sure to captivate your senses!

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to seek further clarification or information, please do not hesitate to contact Santo or your Travel Designer.

From all of us at Emma Whiting Travel; safe and happy travels.