Please see below information about what to pack for your expedition. Some items are mandatory, some are highly recommended, and some are suggested to enhance your experience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Expedition clothing tips:




Ideal clothes for life on board:

During the days spent on board, you are advised to wear comfortable clothes or casual outfits. The entire ship is air-conditioned, so a light sweater, a light jacket or a shawl may be necessary. When moving about in the public areas of the ship and the decks, light but comfortable shoes are recommended.


Outfits Onboard (overview):


Evening Attire

In the evening, you are advised to wear smart-casual attire, especially when dining in our restaurants where wearing shorts and tee-shirts is not allowed.

For women:

For men:



A small shop is available on board offering a wide range of outfits, jewellery, leather goods and many accessories.

A laundry service (washing/ironing) is available on board, but unfortunately there are no dry cleaning services. For safety reasons, your cabin is not equipped with an iron.


Health Care:



What to Wear (Advice)

Insulated Base Layer:


Waterproof Outer Layer: