An Update From Emma

Written on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 by Work With Us
Thank you for your support. It’s been so encouraging to hear from so many of you asking how we are doing.  Our main concern is for you. We are disappointed for those of you who have had to cancel or postpone these wonderful trips we have been planning together. It’s important for us at this moment to stay positive, be grateful and look forward. We still have plenty of places we can travel to now, we can start planning now for future travel and we know based on past situations affecting travel that we will get through this together.
In this modern day of information sharing it’s very easy to get caught up in the media overload, making it difficult to understand facts from opinions. This creates a level of uncertainty and anxiety. For those of you who have contacted us for clarification surrounding your options for your current and future travels, we thank you and hope that we have been able to offer some clarity, and give you the options and peace of mind to be able to make informed decisions.We value our long relationships with our clients and believe we show our true value at times like these, please remember we are here for you. Our priority is for you to feel reassured in your decision to travel or postpone your arrangements by having all the facts at hand. Every person has their own circumstances and level of comfortability to consider when making their decisions. With the environment changing daily we are in constant contact with our travel suppliers, keeping up to date with the advice released from Smart Traveller and the World Health Organisation.

We are so very fortunate for the relationships we have formed with our travel industry partners (airlines, cruise lines, hoteliers and other travel suppliers). Their support to our clients has been immeasurable. They too share our values of building long term relationships and loyalty and have made provisions and policies to protect our clients in minimising their financial losses by postponing trips, extending payment deadlines, allowing travel to different destinations to help those who still want to get away to have that opportunity, and for those who cannot travel now to still have that opportunity in the future.

It fills me with pride when I hear the conversations that our team members are having every day with you. They welcome your calls, they show great empathy, care and resilience. It makes me very thankful for these wonderful people and the relationships they have built with all of you. I know they are excited about looking after you now and into the future.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support of Emma Whiting Travel, I look forward to catching up with you soon when you’re next in the office or at one of our events.


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