We strongly recommend that you travel with Comprehensive Insurance and take out your policy at the time of your first payment of travel arrangements.

It is essential that you take the time to read your travel insurance policy wording carefully to ensure that you understand the conditions and exclusions that may apply.

If you are relying on travel insurance that is part of your credit card benefits, it is crucial that you obtain a copy of the policy wording to fully understand your cover and any limitations that may apply.

We have a number of travel insurance options so please speak to one of our travel designers to ensure you have the best company for your needs and circumstances. 



Australian Travel Insurance


Update on Suresave & NIB

Suresave has now been re-released as a new product with NIB. If you had a Suresave policy credit due to cancelled travel these credits can now be used towards a new NIB travel insurance policy. Please contact your Travel Designer to find out more.