A hunger for adventure is one of the best things I got from my parents, and travel is the ultimate thing to satisfy this. It started with a family trip to Ireland while I was a ‘little lad’ in kindergarten and my passion to share the joy of travelling has only grown from there. Forming relationships with clients (you!) and making travel dreams a reality is such a rewarding way to spend my days.



Why I Travel

I was very blessed to be able to start traveling from a young age, however it wasn’t I stood in the Hall of Mirrors with my mum, her eyes full of tears and she said “Thank you Jay for bring me here, this is a bucket list item I never dreamed I would cross off” did the gravity of travelling hit me. Standing in a 350-year-old hall that took center stage in numerous world changing events, I realised I wanted to spend my career making this ‘wow’ moment happen for other people.

What do you love that we do?

I love that we create bespoke itineraries focused on the unique needs of each client and each journey. Every itinerary we create is like a puzzle and we get to work with incredible suppliers to ensure all the pieces fit together and the travel experience is a remarkable one.

Top 10 favourite travel experiences

Jay’s Travel Tips

  • Learn a card game before you go, its good fun and a great way to pass time in an airport and meet new people
  • If you are the trip photographer, take photos of YOU, it is ok to be a model too!
  • Have the extra dessert, calories on holiday don’t count

Favourite travel quote

‘Not all who wander are lost’ – J.R.R Tolkien