There is a doctor onboard available to passengers on the ship.
The availability for appointments are listed each day in the logbook (emergency consultation 24/7).
There is a fee for consultations onboard. The price may vary according to the time and place of the consultation (hospital or staterooms). Any medication must also be paid for by the passenger.
If you take medication on a regular basis make sure to bring adequate supplies for the duration of your cruise.
The doctor on board is not authorised to distribute medical certificates or prescriptions. Only accounts and invoices are provided which may be used by the passenger to obtain a refund from his/her health insurance if his/her contract allows.
If you suffer from seasickness rest assured that the ship has stabilisers equipped with dynamic fins which adapt to the movements of the ship.
This system allows the ship to anticipate and compensate for the pitching and tossing of the sea to achieve greater stability. Passengers suffering from seasickness will see their symptoms alleviated and be pleasantly surprised to not feel uncomfortable during their journey. However, it is wise to bring travel motion medication with you for peace of mind.