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Did you know that Early Bird deals are not just limited to flights?

A lot of travel providers offer early birds specials. What does this mean to you? Companies offer savings or value-added benefits to their programs for those prepared to commit and confirm their bookings during their early booking season. This period is generally September through to December for travel in the following year


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What kind of deals can I expect to see?

Escorted tours, cruise companies, car hire and luxury rail companies’ and many others offer exclusive promotions such as fly free deals, cabin upgrades, complimentary pre and post accommodation and general early bird rates just to name a few. The airlines also offer great savings, to most destinations, in all classes. The seats are limited and do sell out fast. It’s important to get in early and to be flexible to get the best deals.

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Should I book during early bird season?

Travel companies release their specials on a sliding scale, incentivising customers to organise and financially commit to their arrangements in advance.  So, this means the earlier you book, the greater the choice and the bigger savings as over time they either sell out or the savings are reduced. If you have decided on your travel plans then there are definately signficant savings for you to take advantage of during early bird season.

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There are so many deals, how do I work out which is best for me?

Most customers are aware of the value of the Early Birds and await their release in anticipation. This excitement of receiving all these great deals into your inbox can often be overwhelming as you try and sift through the endless options. This is where our trusted travel designers can act as the neutral advisors and help simplify the information.They start by taking the time to understand what you want to achieve from your journey and then discuss the options to best suit your needs. They then secure the best deals to ensure you have maximised the savings available during the Early Bird season.


Do Travel Agents offer the same early bird deals as I see advertised?

Yes. We partner with the travel companies so rest assured we have access to all the deals. Working with our travel designers has great benefits. They assist with your planning, cut hours from your time-consuming research and they often have access to deals that you don’t know about. They are able to talk you through the pros and cons without bias. As we have all the deals we are a “one stop shop” and are here with you from the planning of your trip to when you return home adding a level of comfort and security often not experienced booking on your own.

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I want the best deal but am unsure about booking so far in advance, what advice do you have?

At Emma Whiting Travel we are focused on our long-term relationships with our clients and always want to ensure you purchase what is right for you. Early Bird deals can be restrictive in their conditions, if you are not certain of your exact itinerary we can discuss more flexible options and to help you make the best decision for you and your plans.

This year to help you prepare and make the most of this early bird season we have some initiatives in place.

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